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Gathering information about your site’s visitors and engaging with them later whenever required is one of the first steps in social media marketing. The Sign Up software app collects basic details like gender, geography, contact etc. of the visitors to the Facebook page with a lucky draw of prizes thrown in as an incentive.
Sign Up
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Social Sign Up

Collect user information through Sign Up

The visitors are asked to fill in a contact form containing information like name, email ID, date of birth, gender, geography etc. which is stored in a database. After submitting the form a thank you card appears on the screen as a way of showing gratitude for filling up the form. The participants are also entered into a lucky draw involving an attractive prize.
Facebook Sign Up

Sign Up in social

This social app is a fundamental and simple means of gathering vital information about visitors who are likely to be prospective customers. You can get free Facebook fans by inducing the visitors through a lucky draw or other form of incentives to part with their contact information. The information can be later used for email marketing or other purposes.
Facebook Likes

Fan Gate - Facebook Likes

Like a gated community, you can either allow only those who like your content in or allow all people through the gates. Add a "like" gate and turn visitors into fans.
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