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Photo Contest
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The Photo Contest app allows you to launch a photo contest on your Facebook page. It is yet another means of generating interest among your Facebook fans as well as growing your subscribers list. Photo contest has been proved as one of the most efficient way for brands to engage with their fans.
Photo Contest
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Social Photo Contest

Facebook photo contest for engagement

The app lets the administrator create a customizable form with your own image for the Front page, title and instructions for contest. The settings page allows you to enter parameters like contest start and end dates prizes if any, whether the contest is ongoing or ended etc. Visitors who fill in their details and submit their photo on any product or themed topic are automatically entered into a voting contest. The winners are chosen by visitors themselves through voting. While the fan base increases, they get a thank you card (normally a coupon) as well as a chance to win a prize.
Facebook Photo Contest

Encourage your fans to share

This app keeps visitors' interest alive by challenging their photo taking abilities as well as their judgment. Like many other apps it adds to your brand building exercise and keeps the campaign abuzz. With little cash outflow in the form of prize, the app can provide good ROI in the long run.
Facebook Likes

Fan Gate - Facebook Likes

Like a gated community, you can either allow only those who like your content in or allow all people through the gates. Add a "like" gate and turn visitors into fans.
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