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About Worphy


Worphy Social Media Marketing solution gives members the ability to manage their marketing for multiple social profiles from one dashboard. We do this by offering tools that allow members to collaborate – no matter what country they are in. Engage with your contacts easily, controlling all the factors of your marketing campaigns to your social sites such as, Facebook and Twitter. Worphy has years of experience in the global market with their beginnings in Hong Kong and China. In China Facebook and Twitter have been banned and the dominating social networks are Sina Weibo, QQ Weibo and Renren. Worphy aims to provide a centralized platform that unifies worldwide social media management.


Our goal is to help members improve business operations, and we show you how to use these tools that will cut down on unnecessary e-mail and instant messages among co-workers. You can launch marketing campaigns and track brands. You can identify your audience and schedule tweets and messages; analyze social media traffic, and more.


Social Media Marketing Expert

Daniel Young


Daniel takes control of our hands-on technical involvement and also works with the strategic business operations of developing Worphy social networking tools

Social Media Marketing Expert

Nick Robinson

Marketing Director

Nick designs, implements, and facilitates annual marketing plan; developing strategies to promote and represent Worphy social networking management product.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Dan Lau

Product Manager

Dan is responsible for the product planning and execution throughout the products cycle of life. Making sure the product is properly represented as a social media management site

Social Media Marketing Expert

Jing Yang


Jing makes sure that the systems in place are set up properly, secured properly, and all social applications operates efficiently

Social Media Marketing Expert

Chuance Zhong

Graphic Designer

Chuance creates the symbols, images, fonts, and focuses on the visual communication and presentation of Worphy site

Social Media Marketing Expert

Caroline Baker

Customer Support Engineer

Caroline is responsible for ensuring that our customers receive an adequate level of service or help with their questions and concerns using the social applications and networking tools

Social Media Marketing Expert

Sam Scott

Sales & Social Strategy

Sam develops the strategies for selling to the user of social media networking and is responsible for the results. Determining and overseeing all aspects of the company sales performance

Social Media Marketing Expert

Judy Turner

User Experience Engineer

Judy understands the complexities of the web and the relationships between people, technology, and design. She oversees the creation of elements users will experience using while producing Facebook and twitter marketing campaigns

Social Media Marketing Expert

Mike Green

System Designer

Mike develops and manages the computer systems, also known as a analysts or engineer of systems. He maximizes the efficiency of the system, so all user experience the best of Worphy social networking management product

Social Media Marketing Expert

Andy Nelson

Software Developer

Andy consists of many job roles. One description is overseeing a team of developers designing, developing and maintaining the operation of a database-driven Web application for social media networking management

Social Media Marketing Expert

John Phillips

Software Test

John is responsible for evaluating the system and testing new modules and finding the errors. Also identifying and analyzing areas for modification, ensuring a flawless social media product

Social Media Marketing Expert

May Lee

Software Developer

May is responsible for the Facebook and Twitter applications, analyzing user requirements, researching, designing, and writing new codes

Social Media Marketing Expert

Nan Gu

Software Developer

Nan is responsible for updating technical knowledge to enhance the software. He oversees development and refinement of throw-away prototypes to confirm requirements.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Jacob Collins

Rlease Manager

Jaco oversees the software release and post-release activities, which includes support for product launching and competitive analysis of the social media marketing tool

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