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Google Map
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Google Maps is a web based mapping service provided by Google that provides diverse information like route map, weather, terrain, live traffic information and so on in it. It is widely used by travelers across the world. This social app makes the service available to your visitors which they may find useful in finding physical direction to an event, company office etc.
Google Map
View Sample   or Scan the QR code to view sample on your mobile device. Google Map on Mobile
Social Google Map

Direct the Traffic

The app lets you include a customized Google map representing your area of interest below the header of the Facebook page. You can also give a title for the point of interest. Similar to other Facebook apps, you can generate free Facebook Likes by making it mandatory for visitors to press the Like button before viewing the application.
Facebook Google Map

Get Facebook likes

Google Map is a very useful tool for visitors who would like to reach a physical address like say a place where a meeting is to take place, your company's physical location etc. Adding this app to your Facebook page increases your fans' goodwill as they would thank you if they can easily physically locate a place linked to your business.
Facebook Likes

Fan Gate - Facebook Likes

Like a gated community, you can either allow only those who like your content in or allow all people through the gates. Add a "like" gate and turn visitors into fans.
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